Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer web site hosting?

We are not a web site hosting service. We bundle hosting as part of our webmaster services.

Do you offer email services?

Usually you get your email from your ISP but in several cases, ISPs charge extra for more than 4 or 5 mail boxes or they restrict outgoing mail to domains that they manage. In those cases, MMCIS can offer our managed email services. Contact us for more information.

What tools do you use for building and updating web pages?

We use Adobe Creative Cloud suite (Dreamweaver and Fireworks).

Can you handle video or audio?

We have several clients that use audio and short video clips on their web sites. We do not have a streaming server capability. If you think you have need for streaming video or audio, contact us and we can discuss various ways of addressing your needs.

How do I find out who is accessing my site?

All our clients have access to our LiveStats 6 server from Deep Metrix. This access log reporting tool gives you extensive reports on who is accessing your site and how.

Do you do search engine submission and optimization?

Yes we do. See our Search Engine tutorial for more information.