Registering a Domain MMCIS Will Manage

There are many different registrars for domain names these days, and each one has a different procedure for registering a domain name. However, all of them require 3 pieces of information that must be entered correctly for MMCIS to manage the domain: technical contact, and the primary and secondary name servers. Use the following to specify these correctly.

  1. Technical contact:
    MMCIS should be specified as the technical contact using the following information (not all registrars will ask for all of these fields).

  2. Contact Webmaster
    Company MMCIS, Inc.
    Address PO Box 726
    Hudson, MA 01749
    Phone 978 562-7833
    FAX 508 302-1064
    Type Role (as opposed to individual)
  3. Primary and Seconday Name Servers
      name server name IP address

Please forward any email confirmation from the registrar to

Network Solutions Detailed Help:

For changing the Name Servers:

  1. Display the account details and then click on the edit link to the right of the "Designated DNS" line for "Domain currently points to:"

  2. Then click on Continue under the Move DNS to new server box.

  3. Click Continue on the Confirm screen

  4. Enter the following for name server 1 and 2, respectively: and