Our Philosophy and Approach

Our philosophy is to be a member of your team, helping you enhance your business using the World Wide Web. We make it a priority to establish a basic understanding of your business and goals. We review your existing and planned marketing campaigns. This understanding becomes our foundation for planning and developing your web site.

Our specialty is providing Web Sites That Work. We work closely with you defining applications that will enhance your business. We build applications to your specific needs and provide tools to integrate with your existing operations.

Our development approach is to incorporate your existing materials and only create new materials where needed. We design your web site so that it is complimentary with, and becomes a key element of your marketing campaigns. This approach reinforces your established branding and saves you money.

We provide ongoing services based on your update needs and resources. We will establish an agreement integrating our services with your resources, providing only what you need. You benefit by getting updates when needed at reduced costs and avoid the hassle of contracting for each update. For your frequently changing information we provide tools so that you can directly and immediately update this information. The tools are customized to your specific needs, are simple to use, and require no programming skills.

To see how we can help you with your web site needs, use our contact form or email us at webmaster@mmcis.com